Special Session proposal

Special Session proposal

Proposals for Special Sessions (5-6 oral presentations, 20 min each) must be emailed to MARSS2020 secretariat info(at)marss-conference.org by February 16, 2020, please use Special Session proposal template. The organizer of a Special session may later revise the list of the speakers as well as include new speakers who will make a presentation without submitting a full paper (see below). The inclusion of new speakers into a Special Session is possible until May 15, 2020. MARSS aims at increasing the number of female speakers at the conference, your contribution will be highly appreciated.

Special Session proposals are normally approved by default if the topic fits MARSS scope, so that a formal acceptance of the proposal from the Organization Committee is not required. In uncertain cases the proposer will be immediately contacted by the Organization Committee.

You may offer two options to the speakers in your Special session:

The first option is to submit a full paper (5-6 pages) to the conference. The deadline in this case is the full paper submission deadline, February 16, 2020. Every paper has to be submitted in a regular way through MARSS2020 paper management system (Easy Chair). The authors must select the suitable Special Session from drop-down menu in Easy Chair. The Organization Committee will rely on recommendation from the Special Session organizer. For this reason, assigned peer reviewers of submitted full papers will be advised to handle such papers differently from regular submissions. As part of the reviewing, plagiarism check will be made prior to the formal acceptance, to be able to submit the final full paper to the IEEE Xplore® digital library. Plagiarism, including self-plagiarism, will be rejected.

The second option is to make a presentation without submitting a full paper. In this case, the speaker may submit a short paper by May 15, 2020 (1-3 pages, short papers will be included into MARSS2020 proceedings on USB drive), or the speaker may present in the Special Session without any paper submission. The Organization Committee will rely on recommendation from the Special Session organizer and include the presentation into the conference program. You may include new speakers in your Special Session until May 15, 2020.

Some professionals may be interested in receiving a formal invitation to deliver “Invited talk” at the conference. You can offer this to the speakers in your Special Session. The Organization Committee will provide such invitation upon your request. However, please inform your contributors that 1) each speaker in a Special Session, including the mentioned “invited speakers”, has to pay MARSS2020 registration fee, and 2) the designation “Invited talk” won’t appear in the conference Technical Program.

From our experience, there will be a few professionals who are going to make a presentation in two or even three different Sessions at the conference. To avoid any possible frictions or unexpected talk withdrawal in your Session, please remind the speakers in your Session that MARSS2020 registration fee covers only one presentation at the conference, any further presentation by the same person requires payment of extra fee indicated on the registration page of MARSS2020 website.

Organization of a Special Session will be acknowledged by appreciation allowance of 450 CAD for each organized Special Session (at least 5 registered presentations required to include a Session into the Technical Program).

In case less than 5 presentations are registered for the conference, the registered speakers of the proposed Special Session (less than five) will be allocated to other (regular) sessions by the Program Chairs. Unfortunately, appreciation allowance for organizing a Special Session cannot be paid in such case.

We kindly ask you to bear in mind that payment of MARSS2020 registration fee is required from every conference participant, including Plenary speakers, Special session organizers, as well as all Chairs and members of MARSS committees.