Program at a Glance

Final Technical Program

Special Sessions

Laboratory Tour:
Tours of several University of Toronto MARSS-relevant labs will be offered on Monday July 25 at 16:00. The tour will also include a brief walk around part of the UofT downtown campus. The lab tour will leave at 16:00 from the MARSS registration desk in the Myhal building (55 St George St., Toronto, ON M5S0C9). Confirmed labs include:

  • Liu’s Microfluidics and BioMEMS Lab specializes in micro/nanorobotics and microfluidics with biological and medical applications including basic worm biology, large-scale gene screening, in-vitro diagnostics, and telemedicine. They are working on paper-based microfluidic biosensing, flexible/stretchable sensors and electronics, and soft (micro)robotics.
  • Prof. Diller’s  Microrobotics Lab is developing the next generation of tiny magnetically-actuated robots which can be wirelessly piloted, focused on enabling a radically-new approach to non-invasive medical procedures, micro-factories and new scientific tools, including magnetic actuation systems, fabrication, and medical applications.
  • Prof. Sun’s Advanced Micro and Nanosystems Laboratory develops new technologies to manipulate, characterize, and sense cells, molecules, and nanomaterials for pursuing discoveries (in mechanobiology, development biology, and nanomechanics) and for tackling clinical and industrial applications (cell surgery in in vitro fertilization – IVF, blood cell testing, drug screen, and precision instrumentation for industrial automation).

Welcome Reception:
The Welcome Reception will be Monday July 25 at 18:00 in the Myhal building (55 St George St., Toronto, Ontario). The location is the fifth floor atrium, which is the location of the University of Toronto Robotics Institute. The event will include hors d’oeuvre and drinks. You can register for the conference on the first floor, and proceed to the fifth floor for the Welcome Reception.

On-site Exhibition:
A handful of industry sponsors will have exhibits on the first floor of the Myhal building during the conference.

The MARSS banquet dinner on Thursday July 28 will be held at Steam Whistle Brewery (255 Bremner Blvd., Toronto Ontario), in the heart of Downtown Toronto. Adjacent to the iconic CN Tower, the brewery is located inside a historic brick railway roundhouse, and this event will include a brewery tour.