MARSS, the annual International Conference on Manipulation, Automation and Robotics at Small Scales, will be held in-person on July 25-29, 2022, in Toronto, Canada. The conference is the flagship forum for cross-disciplinary R&D communities to discuss current activities related to manipulation and automation (including measurement and characterization) at micro and nano scales, and all kinds of small scale robots and their applications.

MARSS policy does not include having online or partially online (hybrid) conferences. We do hope that the pandemic situation will gradually improve in 2022, and the majority of the interested professionals will be able to attend and enjoy the in-person conference. In the worst case, if the international travel to Canada won’t significantly resume by the beginning of May 2022, MARSS Organization Committee will again postpone the conference to 2023 and announce the decision in the first week of May, at least a week before the full paper submission deadline. Under these conditions, a reasonable strategy for the authors would be to do the full paper submission short before the deadline on May 15.

Important Deadlines:UPDATED!!
Full paper submission (5-6 pages):May 15, 2022
Notification of full paper status:June 05, 2022
Submission of final full papers:June 20, 2022
Registration for the full papers:June 20, 2022
Short paper submission (1-3 pages):June 15, 2022
Notification of short paper status:2-3 days after the submission
Special session proposals:May 15, 2022 (preliminary proposal)
June 20, 2022 (final proposal)
Early Bird registration:June 20, 2022