Best Student Paper Awards

Nominations for MARSS2017 Best Student Paper Awards

(submission time order)

  • Study of Robotic System for Automated Oocyte Manipulation
    J. Zhua, L. Gaob, P. Panb, Y. Wanga, R. Chenc, C. Rub
    aShanghai Univ, CN; bSoochow Univ, CN; cThe First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow Univ, CN
  • Optimization-based formation control of underactuated magnetic microrobots via inter-agent forces
    M. Salehizadeh, E. Diller
    Univ of Toronto, CA
  • Modeling and validation of a magnetic actuator based rectangular permanent magnets
    W. Amokranea, K. Belhareta, M. Souissia, A. Ferreirab
    aHautes Études d’Ingénieur, Châteauroux, FR; bUniv d’Orlèans, FR
  • Machine learning approach for breast cancer localization
    K. Park, J. P. Desai
    Georgia Inst of Technology, US
  • Pneumatically actuated elastomeric device for simultaneous mechanobiological studies and live-cell fluorescent microscopy
    J. Kreutzera, M. Viehriga, A.-J. Mäkia, P. Kallioa, R. Rahikainenb, V. Hytönenb
    aTampere University of Technology, FI; bUniversity of Tampere, FI
  • First takeoff of a flying microrobot with no moving parts
    D. S. Drew, K. S. J. Pister
    Univ of California, Berkeley, US
  • Laser-induced thermocapillary flow manipulation of microparticles with obstacle avoidance in a non-patterned fluidic environment
    E. M. Muñoza, J. E. Quispea, S. Régnierb, E. Velaa
    aUniv de Ingenieria y Tecnologia, PE; bPierre et Marie Curie Univ, FR
  • A micro-mechanical compliant device for individual cell stretching, compression, and in-situ force measurement
    S. Kollimada, S. Khan, S. Balakrishnan, S. R. Raju, M. S. Suma, G. K. Ananthasuresh
    Indian Inst of Science, Bangalore, IN