Best Student Paper Awards

Nominations for MARSS2018 Best Student Paper Awards

(submission time order)

  • Novel biopsy capsule endoscope for wireless intestinal tissue collection
    V.H.Le, M.C.Hoang, V.D.Nguyen, E.Choi, J-O.Park, C.-S.Kim, J.Kim, B.Kang
    Chonnam National Univ, KR
  • Design of an optimized self-sensing piezoelectric cantilever for micro-robotic applications
    L.Masson, L.Xinchang, Y.Perriard
    Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, CH
  • Rolling and sliding of spheres inside horizontal channels
    E.Demir, S.Yesilyurt
    Sabanci Univ, TR
  • Design, analysis and fabrication of sAFAM, a 4 DoF assembled microrobot
    R.Zhang, D.Wei, D.O.Popa
    Univ of Louisville, US
  • Bidirectional, thin-film repulsive-/attractive-force electrostatic actuators for a crawling milli-robot
    E.W.Schalera, L.Jianga, C.Leeb, R.S.Fearinga
    aUniversity of California (Berkeley), US; bEl Camino College, US
  • Tilted leg design for a rapid-prototyped low-voltage piezoelectric running robot
    K.Patel, J.Qu, K.R.Oldham
    Univ of Michigan, US
  • Vibrational analysis during cell injection in ICSI operation
    F.Sadak, M.Saadat, A.M.Hajiyavand, G.Nomicos
    Univ of Birmingham, UK
  • 3D micromolding of small-scale biological robots
    E.E.Hunter, E.W.Brink, E.B.Steager, V.Kumar
    Univ of Pennsylvania, US