Best Conference Paper Award

Nominations for MARSS2018 Best Conference Paper Award

(submission time order)

  • Arbitrary placement of AFM cantilever higher eigenmodes using structural optimization
    I.Moore, M.G.Ruppert, Y. K.Yong
    Univ of Newcastle, AU
  • Three dimensional microfabrication using local electrophoretic deposition assisted with laser trapping controlled by a spatial light modulator
    F.Iwata, T.Matsuura
    Shizuoka Univ, JP
  • Modeling and experimental characterization of an active MEMS-based force sensor
    J.Caillieza, M.Boudaouda, A.Mohand-Ousaidb, A.Weill–Duflosc, S.Haliyoa, S.Régniera
    aSorbonne Univ, FR; bFEMTO-ST, FR; cMcGill Univ, CA
  • Hybrid centralized/decentralized control of bacteria-based bio-hybrid microrobots
    E.J.Leaman, B.Q.Geuther, B.Behkam
    Virginia Tech, US