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Information on Travel to Canada

The registration fee does not cover any insurance (travel, medical, accident or liability). The MARSS2022 organizers cannot accept liability for any loss or damage suffered by participants or accompanying persons or other persons during travel to and from the congress or during the congress. Participants of MARSS2022 are advised to consider purchasing their own travel insurance and to extend their personal policy to cover personal possessions.

Time Zone
The time zone in Toronto in the summer is Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) UTC-4h

The currency in Canada is the Canadian Dollar (CAD), divided in 100 cents. Please check the current exchange rates. Foreign currency and can be exchanged at the airport, or usually withdrawn with a fee from widespread 24-hour ATMs. Canada is a largely cashless society, and credit card transactions are accepted practically everywhere, even for small purchases.

Voltage: 120 Volts 60 Hz. Electrical sockets (outlets) in Canada are Type A/B (the same as the US style).

The de-facto official language in Toronto and the Province of Ontario is English. However, Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world and you will hear many other languages spoken on the street. In fact, over half of Toronto residents were born outside of Canada! French is also a second official language in Canada, and you will see many signs and documents written in English and French. While French is widely spoken in some areas of Canada (notably the Province of Quebec), you will find that most residents of Toronto do not speak French.