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Local Transportation and Sightseeing
Traveling to Delft

Arriving by plane

Schipol Airport is the major airport hub of the Netherlands, and one of the largest in the world. Schipol Airport includes a train station, from which Delft main train station can be easily reached (see below). Alternatively, the Rotterdam-The Hague airport is closer to Delft, although not as well served and reachable.

Arriving by train

Delft is located on the high-speed train axis that directly connects Paris (FR) to Amsterdam (NL) via Bruxelles (BE), Antwerpen (BE) and Rotterdam (NL). Travel schedules can be configured on the international Dutch Railways website.

Sightseeing in Delft

Below, you can find some deals (more options might be added later on), and also some other recommended options for you to look into for self-directed exploration.

List of a few recommended options for self-directed exploration: