Plenary Zourob

Mohammed Zourob
Alfaisal University, Riyadh

An Integrated and Ultrasensitive Biosensors for Biomedical and environmental Applications

The challenges for today’s biosensing platforms are numerous: they have to work with real samples, poor detection limit which is far from the infectious doses, or the concentrations required by the regulating agencies, suffer from long analysis time, and use of washing steps and liquids which defeat the purpose of in-field applications. Another challenge is the stability and availability of highly specific recognition elements to be integrated with the sensing platform to have a functional device. The presentation will highlight our recent developments to overcome such challenges for various biomedical related analytes. We developed various optical, electrochemical, colorimetric sensing platforms and integrated them with various natural and synthetic recognition receptors. We integrated a number of enrichment techniques with the various transducers to concentrate and enrich the analyte onto the immobilized recognition receptors on the sensor surface. These techniques enhanced and improved the detection limit, shortened the analysis time and reduced the non-specific binding, to reduce the false positive results.