Mohammad A. Qasaimeh

Associate Professor
NYU Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Island, UAE
Global Network Associate Professor
NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Brooklyn, USA

Multiphysics Scanning Probes for Biomedical Applications

This talk will focus on discussing our efforts in developing next generation scanning probes, with applications ranging from cell manipulation, capture, and analysis, to advanced atomic force microscopy imaging and biosensing. The first half of the talk will be focused on the concept of the Multiphysics Probes, multifunctional integrated tools developed based on the microfluidic probe technology, with applications on “on-the-fly” cell separation and patterning, multiplex capture of clinical circulating tumor cells, and single-cell biopsy sampling and analysis. The second half of the talk will be geared towards presenting our developed technology of 3DTIPs, which are envisioned as the next-generation 3D probes for atomic force microscopy. 3DTIPs are soft polymeric probes with novel three-dimensional shapes and structures, and shown to be effective in obtaining high-resolution and high-speed images in air and liquid environments. By the end of this talk, I will further discuss our current attempts in merging the Multiphysics Probes and 3DTIPs technologies into a single tool named FluidTIPs, which aimed for advanced multiparametric single-cell manipulation and analysis.