Plenary Mastrangeli

Massimo Mastrangeli
Department of Microelectronics
Delft University of Technology

Towards fully-electric organ-on-chip devices and platforms

Organ-on-chip (OoC) technology shows promise to realistically recapitulate relevant traits of human (patho)physiology in-vitro by artificially mimicking key aspects of tissue microenvironment, such as geometrical cues, perfusion and mechanical stimuli. In the talk, I will argue that wafer-level microfabrication enables a scalable technology for integration of functionalities within the devices, as exemplified by our recent works; and that driving most functionalities of organ-on-chip devices electrically can significantly reduce the load of pneumatics and external peripherals. I will finally emphasize the importance of OoC platforms to foster wide adoption of OoC technology, and the role of OoC devices as suitable playgrounds for biomedical microrobots.