Plenary Li

Wen Jung Li
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Vice-President, City University of Hongkong

AI Nanomaterial E-Skin Sensors for Human-Metaverse Interaction

This presentation explores the innovative applications of AI-powered E-skin nanomaterial sensors to enhance the human interaction experience with the metaverse – applications that present exciting possibilities for immersive experiences. AI E-skin sensors integrated into wearable devices such as gloves or suits enable metaverse avatars to interpret and respond to human gestures, movements, and emotions, elevating the human immersion experience with the meta-world. If coupled with appropriate actuators, the gloves or suits may also enable users to feel haptic feedback, temperature changes, and pressure variations while interacting with virtual objects. We will discuss various materials and fabrication techniques to create E-skin sensors with highly responsive motion recognition capabilities, including the challenges associated with real-time sensory information capture and transmission. Moreover, we will also review the effectiveness of several AI-related algorithms in performing motion recognition using various E-skin sensors, spanning from recognizing facial micro-expressions, throat vibrations, and fingerprint-based tactile sensations to muscle activities of the limbs. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of this emerging technology and its implications for the future of immersive experiences in the metaverse.