Plenary-Kim, Deok-Ho

Deok-Ho Kim

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Director of Hopkins Center for Microphysiological Systems
John Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA

Instrumented Microphysiological Analytic Platforms for Precision Measurement and Manipulation of Tissue Functions

My laboratory research focuses on the development of human organ/tissue-on-a-chip platform technologies for disease modeling, drug screening, and precision medicine. In this talk, I will introduce instrument­ed microphysiological systems integrated with bio­sensors and/or actuators developed in our laboratory, including high-throughput 3D engineered heart tissues for space biology, micro/nano-fabricated platforms for drug-induced cardiotox­icity, and a microfluidic blood-brain barrier model for drug delivery studies. Using our multi-scale biofabrication techniques, I will highlight how our biomimetic tis­sue chip models help to gain a better understanding of the struc­ture-function relationship in complex 3D tissues and serve as emerging platforms for disease biology studies and biotherapeutic development.