MARSS2023-Abu Dhabi-Best Conference Paper Award

Nominations for MARSS2023 Best Conference Paper Award

(alphabetical order)

  • Actuation of ferrobots in a plane for independent and swarm motion using a grid of electromagnets
    S. Bhat, G.K. Ananthasuresh
    Indian Inst of Science, Bangalore, IN
  • Droplet probe for characterization of advancing and receding contact angles of single fibers
    A. Vieira, M. Vuckovac, I. Schlapp-Hackl, M. Hummel, Q. Zhou
    Aalto University, FI
  • Innovative MEMS stage for automated micromechanical testing
    S. Zare Pakzad, B. Ali, S.B. Coban, M. Karimzadehkhouei, B.E. Alaca
    Koç University, Istanbul, TR
  • Topology optimization of piezoelectric structures : micro-actuators and energy harvesters
    A. Homayouni-Amlashia, T. Schlinquerb, P. Kipkemoia,c, J.B. Byiringiroc, M. Rakotondrabed, M. Gauthiera, A. Mohand-Ousaida
    aFEMTO-ST, FR; bESEO, FR; cDedan Kimathi Univ of Tech, KE; dUniv of Toulouse, FR