MARSS2022-Toronto-Best Robotics Paper Award

Nominations for MARSS2022 Best Robotics Paper Award

(alphabetical order)

  • Cooperative control of dual-arm concentric tube continuum robots
    H.J. Zhanga, S. Lilgea, M.T. Chikhaouib, J. Burgner-Kahrsa
    aUniversity of Toronto, CA; bUniversité Grenoble Alpes, FR
  • Role of surface tension in microrobot penetration in membranes
    M.M. Rahmana, T. Garudadrib, S. Dasb
    aGeorgia Southern University, US; bUniversity of Delaware, US
  • Simultaneous and independent micromanipulation of two identical particles with robotic electromagnetic needles
    O. Isitman, H. Kandemir, G. Alcan, Z. Cenev, Q. Zhou
    Aalto University, FI