MARSS2022-Toronto-Best Conference Paper Award

Nominations for MARSS2022 Best Conference Paper Award

(alphabetical order)

  • Design and characterization of a fully 3D printed vision-based micro-force sensor for microrobotic applications
    G. Adama, G. Ulliacb, C. Clevyb, D.J. Cappelleria
    aPurdue University, US; bFEMTO-ST, FR
  • Design and modeling of a piezoelectric, bistable out-of-plane actuator for micro-robotic appendages
    M. Clada, C.-H. Rheeb, K. Oldhamc
    aBaumer Electric, CH; bSamsung Inc., KR; cUniversity of Michigan, US
  • Integrated microfluidic probe for single cell manipulation
    S. Sofela, A. Saleh, M. Qasaimeh
    New York University Abu Dhabi, AE
  • Soft actuators that self-create bone for biohybrid (micro)robotics
    D. Caoa, J.G. Martineza, E.S. Harab, E.W.H. Jagera
    aLinköping University, SE; bOkayama University, JP