MARSS2022-Toronto-Best Application Paper Award

Nominations for MARSS2022 Best Application Paper Award

(alphabetical order)

  • Developing an optical microlever for stable and unsupported force amplification
    P.-K. Andrewa, A. Raudseppa, V. Nockb, D. Fanc, M.A.K. Williamsa, U. Stauferc, E. Avcia
    aMassey University, NZ; bUniversity of Canterbury, NZ; cTU Delft, NL
  • 2D-Compliant, diamagnetic levitating micro-robots for operation on non-flat, non-clean tracks
    A. Hsua, R. Pelrineb, R. de Gouvea Pintoc, E.W. Schalerc
    aSRI International, US; bPelrine Innovations, US; cNASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, US
  • Rigid-body rotation versus transverse bending wave swimming of magnetically-functionalized sperm cells
    V. Magdanza, A. Klingnerb, L. Abelmannc,d, I.S.M. Khalilc
    aBarcelona Institute of Science and Technology, ES; bGerman University in Cairo, EG; cUniversity of Twente, NL; dKIST Europe, DE
  • Ag/CNT-PDMS crack sensing for measuring contractility of cardiomyocyte
    L. Wanga, X. Xua, W. Doub, J. Chena, W. Sua, A. Lia, C. Xua, X. Liuc, L. Xind, C. Rue
    aQilu University of Technology, CN; bUniversity of Toronto, CA; cDalian University of Technology, CN; dShanghai University, CN; eSuzhou University of Science and Technology, CN