MARSS2019-Helsinki-Best Student Paper Awards

Nominations for MARSS2019 Best Student Paper Awards

(alphabetical order)

  • A capsule-type device for soft tissue cutting using a threadless ballscrew actuator
    O. Tovmachenko, L. Feng, A.M. Mousa, Z. Ullah, M.A. Masoud
    Beihang University, CN
  • A discretely assembled walking motor
    W. Langford, N. Gershenfeld
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
  • Magnetic actuation of multiple robots by the coplanar coils system
    J. Kuthan, M. Juřik, F. Mach
    University of West Bohemia, CZ
  • Magnetic micromotors for resilient and reversible cargo transport in and between microfluidic environments
    L. Schwarza, M. Medina-Sáncheza, O.G. Schmidta,b
    aLeibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research, Dresden, DE; bChemnitz University of Technology, DE
  • Multivariable model-less feedforward control of a monolithic nanopositioning stage with FIR filter inversion
    M. Omidbeikea, A.A. Eielsenb, Y.K. Yonga, A.J. Fleminga
    aUniversity of Newcastle, AU; bUniversity of Stavanger, NO
  • Robotic optical-micromanipulation platform for teleoperated single-cell manipulation
    E. Gerenaa, F. Legendrea, Y. Vitryb, S. Régniera and S. Haliyoa
    aSorbonne Université, FR; bUniversité Libre de Bruxelles, BE
  • Topology optimization of piezoelectric plate energy harvester under external in-plan force considering different boundary conditions
    A. Homayouni Amlashi, A. Mohand-Ousaid, M. Rakotondrabe
    FEMTO-ST Institute, Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté, Besançon, FR
  • Tracking experiments with ChevBot: A laser-actuated stick-slip microrobot
    R. Zhang, A. Sherehiy, D. Wei, Z. Yang, M.N. Saadatzi, D.O. Popa
    University of Louisville, US