Winners of Best Application Paper Award

Two winners this time!

  • Automated SEM-guided AFM scan with dynamically varied scan speed
    Chena, J.Gea, B.K.Chena, Z.Gonga, C.Zhoua, C.Shib, C.Ruc, H.Pud, Y.Pengd, S.Xied, Y.Suna
    aU of Toronto, CA; bTianjin U, CN; cSoochow U, CN; dShanghai U, CN
  • Assembly of cellular microstructures into lobule-like 3D microtissues based on microrobotic manipulation
    J.Cui, H.Wang, Q.Shi, J.Li, Z.Zheng, T.Sun, Q.Huang, T.Fukuda
    Beijing Inst of Technology, CN