Best Student Paper Awards

Nominations for MARSS2023 Best Student Paper Awards

(alphabetical order)

  • Automatic sorting of zebrafish embryos using deep learning
    A. Dioufa,b, F. Sadaka,c, I. Fassid, M. Boudaouda, G. Legnanib, S. Haliyoa
    aSorbonne Univ, FR; bUniv of Brescia, IT; cBartin Univ, TR; dSTIIMA-NRC, IT
  • Bending harmonic atomic force microscopy for high sensitivity mapping of microgroove topography
    K. Feng, J. Lai, B. Zhu, X. Zhang
    South China Univ of Tech, CN
  • Design and fabrication of a compliant micromechanism amenable for biaxial stretching of single cells
    H. Marwah, R. Nautiyal, N.S. Fartyal, S. Balakrishnan
    Indian Institute of Technology Goa, IN
  • Human-scale permanent magnetic actuation system for wireless millirobots
    M. Jeonga, M. Zhanga, F. Fischerb, T. Qiub,c
    aUniv of Stuttgart, DE; bGerman Cancer Research Center, Dresden, DE; cTech Univ of Dresden, DE
  • Influence factors on high frequency primary calibration of single-ended accelerometer
    J. Zhou, W. He, Y. Yu
    Zhejiang Univ, CN
  • Learning to shape liquid droplets on an air-ferrofluid interface with sequences of actuation
    P.A.D. Harischandra, Q. Zhou
    Aalto University, FI
  • Rolling helical microrobots for cell patterning
    Y. Yanga, F.C. Kirmizitasa, M. Sokolicha, A. Valenciaa, D. Rivasa, M.Ç. Karakanb, A.E. Whiteb, A.A. Malikopoulosa, S. Dasa
    Univ of Delaware, US; Boston Univ, US
  • Simplified model for the secular dynamics of a parametrically-excited magnetic micro-particle
    A. Shukla, G.R. Jayanth, A.K. Mohanty
    Indian Inst of Science, Bangalore, IN