Journal publication after MARSS2017

Journal publication after MARSS2017



Prof. Pasi Kallio (TUT, Finland) kindly agreed to serve as Publication Chair and oversee the Journal publication after the conference.

The Organization Committee will select high-quality full papers (4-6 pages) presented at the conference and submit Special Issue proposals to the Journal of Micro-Bio Robotics, Journal of Medical Robotics Research, and a few other renowned Journals, depending of the number of selected papers. The Journals will evaluate our proposals and decide on publication of a Special Issue related to MARSS2017. In case of a favorable decision, the authors will be informed and asked to submit an extended version of the conference paper.

Normally, the Journals will then start a standard peer reviewing process, according to their own regulations. Finally, if the number of accepted papers originated from MARSS2017 is sufficient, the Journal will publish a MARSS2017 Special Issue. If the number of accepted papers is too small to justify a Special Issue, then they will be published as regular Journal submissions.

Please be aware that a final decision on publication will always be made by a Journal and not by the conference.