Information for authors of accepted full papers for MARSS2020 (canceled due to COVID pandemic)

Our Publication Chair team successfully negotiated with IEEE the submission of full papers accepted for MARSS2020 to the IEEE Xplore® digital library. Quite a few authors used this option and uploaded a final full paper until the deadline on July 5.

As announced earlier, MARSS2020 authors, who did not use the above option, are kindly invited to re-submit the accepted full paper to MARSS2021. You may re-submit your revised full paper that takes into account the reviewers’ comments and may be extended by new results achieved in the meantime. The paper is to be submitted through MARSS2021 paper management system. The authors must tick the box „Accepted full paper from MARSS2020“ on the submission page. This category of full papers (accepted for MARSS2020 and re-submitted to MARSS2021) will receive a special treatment. The authors are kindly requested to upload additionally a short text file summarizing major revisions. Each paper will be assigned to the same reviewers who checked the paper earlier. The reviewers will be advised to re-check the paper focusing only on the revisions, and the paper will normally be re-accepted for presentation at MARSS2021.