Plenary-Medina Sanchez

Mariana Medina Sánchez

Leader, Micro- and Nanobiomedical Engineering Group
Institute for Integrative Nanosciences
IFW Leibniz Institute, Dresden

Remotely-controlled sperm-microbots for in vivo reproductive healthcare

Despite the success that in vitro fertilization (IVF) techniques have had in the last decades, it can be more effective and safer. Conventional IVF involves steps such as the retrieval of eggs from a woman’s ovaries through laparoscopy, a method which is still quite invasive, besides the complex and long preparation process which is required. Moreover, targeted therapies for treating diseases in particular in the reproductive system have not been fully demonstrated. In our group, we propose a new concept which could significantly improve current techniques by using remotely controlled microbots which are at the same scale than sperm cells for in-situ selection, guidance/transport and delivery of certain therapeutics, thus reducing invasiveness and improving targeting. Different aspects such as microbots function, biocompatibility and visualization under tissues will be discussed showing recent achievements in the field.