U-Xuan Tan

Associate Professor
Program Director, Technology Entrepreneurship Program (STEP) Singapore University of Technology and Design Singapore

Micromanipulation and microsensing for on-site applications

Micromanipulation and sensing at micron level are often limited to infrastructure-based laboratory settings. U-Xuan has a special interest to bring micromanipulation and microsensing out from the traditional settings and enable them for on-site applications. On-site applications however brings along challenges like: 1) requirement of high accuracy; 2) existence of disturbance (eg: mechanical vibration); 3) lack of infrastructure; and 4) traditional long calibration/setting up time is not desired. Hence, U-Xuan will be presenting two project examples, namely: 1) jitter sensing and compensation of a vehicle to enable long distance laser energy transmission; and 2) a portable and low-cost vision-guided micromanipulation system; to illustrate how his team overcome these challenges.