Special Session proposal

Special Session proposal

Proposals for Special Sessions (5-6 presentations) with a session title and a list of presentations must be emailed to MARSS2017 secretariat info@marss-conference.org by February 1st 20th, 2017. Special Session proposal template

You may offer two options to the speakers in your Special session. The first option is to submit a paper to the conference through MARSS paper management system. The authors will be able to select the suitable Special session during submission. The authors should keep in mind the conference deadline for paper submission. The second option is to make a presentation in the Special session without submitting a paper. In this case, the Organization Committee will rely on recommendation and judgement from the Special session organizer and include the presentation into the conference program.

From our experience, some professionals are interested in receiving a formal invitation to deliver “Invited talk” at the conference. You may offer this to the speakers in your Special Session. The Organization Committee will provide such invitation upon your request. However, please be aware that the designation “Invited talk” won’t appear in the conference Technical Program.

Every Special session (at least 5 registered presentations required) will be acknowledged by appreciation allowance of 450 CAD for the organizer(s).

In case less than 5 presentations are submitted and registered for the conference, the Program Chair and the Organization Committee reserve the right to re-assign these presentations into regular sessions.

We kindly ask you to bear in mind that payment of MARSS2017 registration fee (Early Bird fee by April, 15, 2017, or the regular fee after April, 15, 2017) is required from every conference participant, including Keynote and plenary speakers, Special session organizers, and all Chairs and members of conference committees.