G. R. Jayanth

Department of Instrumentation and Applied Physics
Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, INDIA

Novel probes and probing systems in Atomic Force Microscopy: Applications in nanometrology and manipulation

The Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) has emerged as a leading tool for nanometer-scale metrology and manipulation owing to its precision and the diversity of materials it can interact with. While most capabilities of the AFM are tied to its probe, the design of novel probes has remained a relatively neglected aspect of its instrumentation, owing partly to the fact that it is treated as a consumable. Relaxing this constraint opens a world of opportunity to endow AFM with new capabilities. This talk will survey techniques to facilitate this shift in viewpoint and the novel probing systems that are enabled as a consequence. I will largely dwell upon our work in this direction, with emphasis on special probes and their applications in in-line inspection, three-dimensional nanometrology, nanomanipulation, high-speed imaging and material characterization.