Michaël Gauthier

Professor (CNRS Scientist)
Vice-Head FEMTO-ST Institute
Besançon, FRANCE

The Robotic Dexterity in microscale: toward a robotic nanohand

The creativity of human is based on a fantastic brain but also on a high grasping ability enabling to respectively imagine and build highly complex systems. Testing a concept by assembling devices together in an original configuration is absolutely common in human scale but very hard in micro-nanoscale because of the lack of human grasping capabilities in small scales. Our objective, our dream is to open the door of micro-nanoscale to human creativity via a robotic nanohand enabling to grasp, move, rotate, deform, position micro-nanocomponents with the same dexterity as the human hand in macroscale. The talk will present the objectives, challenges and results in this new scientific paradigm.