Dong-Yol Yang

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
Gwangju, KOREA

Nano-/micro-mobility and its applications

In nano- and micro-space applications, the mechanics of kinematic or dynamic operation is quite different from macro-space applications due to its intrinsic differences in body and surface forces acting on the nano- or micro-bodies. In macro-world, kinematic design is mostly sufficient in actuating and moving a solid body in the desired manner. However, in nano- and micro-world, kinematic design of moving bodies is not so simple due to the importance of surface forces and interface forces acting on the moving bodies. Elastic design offers various advantages, but, creative methods of operating element design should be introduced to enable large rotational and translational motion. Some recent innovations employing such large translational and rotational movements of nano-/micro- mobile elements are introduced. Several kinds of basic nano-/micro-mobile elements are manufactured using femto-second laser. In addition, some actuation schemes are reviewed including optical method, magnetic method, chemical method and piezoelectric methods, etc. In micro-level or in submilli-level manipulation driven by macroscale operation, large external operation is transferred with reduction to micro-operation utilizing the motion-scaling mechanism either in linear and rotational motions. Some practical applications are introduced and discussed on the nano-/micro- mobile system.