Hui Xie

State Key Laboratory of Robotics and Systems
Harbin Institute of Technology
Harbin, CHINA

Force Microscopy Based Nanorobotic System for Multiscale Manipulation and Multiparametric Characterization

In this talk, we will present a flexible nanorobotic system that is developed for manipulation, assembly, multiparametric measurement and characterization from nanoscale to microscale. This system is based on the principle of atomic force microscopy and comprises two individually functionalized probes. By integrating various kinds of probes, such a nanorobotic system could be used for three-dimensional nanomanipulation, high-efficiency parallel imaging/ nanomanipulation, high-throughput single cell force quantification and three-dimensional micro/nano metrology, as well as quantitative multiparametric imaging and characterization of complex cellular and biomolecular systems under physiological conditions.