Oliver G. Schmidt

Institute for Integrative Nanosciences

Material Systems for Nanoelectronics
Technical University Chemnitz, GERMANY

Microtubular NEMS for on- and off-chip applications

Microtubular NEMS are designed and constructed on chip by self-rolling differentially strained nanomembrane materials into fully functional and integrative microtubular architectures. This makes them attractive for a broad range of applications and scientific research fields ranging from novel hybrid heterostructure devices to compact 3D systems both on and off the chip. Microtubular NEMS are exploited to construct ultra-compact and ultra-sensitive advanced electronic circuitry, sensors and optofluidic components around fluidic channels towards the implementation of a lab-in-a-tube system. They are also useful to study basic mechanisms of single cancer and stem cell migration, growth and mitosis in realistic 3D confined environments. Off-chip applications include biomimetic microelectronics for regenerative cuff implants and the development of hybrid micro-robotic motors for environmental and biomedical applications.