Best Application Paper Award

Nominations for MARSS2017 Best Application Paper Award

(submission time order)

  • Automated 2D micro-assembly using diamagnetically levitated milli-robots
    A. Hsua, C. Cowana, W. Chua, B. McCoya, A. Wong-Foya, R. Pelrinea, C. Velezb, D. Arnoldb, J. Lakec, J. Ballardc, J. Randallc
    aSRI International, US; bUniv of Florida, US; cZyvex Labs, Richardson, TX, US
  • Calibration of atomic force microscope probes using a pneumatic micromanipulation system
    H. Zhang, D. Hussain, X. Meng, J. Song, H. Xie
    Harbin Inst of Technol, CN
  • Modelling and characterization of a compliant tethered microgripper for microsurgical applications
    M. Power, C. A. Seneci, A. J. Thompson, G.-Z. Yang
    Imperial College London, UK
  • Platform technology for metrology, manipulation and automation at the nanoscale
    N. Sarkar, D. Strathearn, G. Lee, M. Olfat, R. R. Mansour
    ICSPI Corp; Univ of Waterloo, CA